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Good Point : Massage Apparatuses

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  • SERIES “Written” by CCRT X Cashmere Journal

    <Good Point> Massage Apparatuses : <굿포인트> 지압기 

    캐시미어 저널과 스튜디오 콘크리트의 SERIES “Written” by CCRT가 세상과의 사투에 심신이 지쳐있는 팔로워들에게 재미와 멋 그리고 건강을 한 번에 충족시킬수 있는 위트있고 기발한 머천다이즈 굿즈굿포인트 지압기를 선보입니다.

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    지압의 용도로만 쓰기는 아쉽다면 목걸이, 지휘봉, 집게, 소품 등으로 다양하게 창의적으로 써보세요그것이 굿포인트 지압기의 굿포인트랍니다.

    Cashmere Journal and Studio Concrete's SERIES "Written" by CCRT present 'Good point Acupressure Massager'  a novel yet practical merchandise good that can offer fun, fashion, and health for those of you who are exhausted and need to gift yourself a break.

    The 'Good point Acupressure Massager' helps relieve the common problem of muscle fatigue in the neck, back and shoulders. The refreshing color design and feeling along with the delicate cubic zirconia detail will make your acupressure experience one of a kind. Use it for purposes other than acupressure, make it into a necklace, presentation pointer, or an accessory for your outfit - and that's the good point about the 'Good point Acupressure Massager'.

    _ Birch Plywood

    _ 170mm x 400mm, THK 12mm

    _ 158g

    _ Made in Korea